16341870_sToday is a Full Moon in the sign of Libra and is a very powerful Full Moon at that because of other Astrological configurations. Before I talk about some of the other energies that make this a particularly potent full moon let me talk about Libra.

Libra is the sign of balance, justice, relationships, art and social justice. It is no coincidence that scales are the symbol for many of the High Courts. In its shadow Libra can also have a tendency to seek peace at any price (to itself), be indecisive and have difficulty saying no. The greatest of balancing acts, and one that Libra teaches us, is the balancing act between self and others

Libra is an air sign and air signs have an agile mind and are good communicators who can emphasize the intellect above all else. Often an appearance of sweetness and that of a light breeze but with the power of a gale force wind behind it. It’s all about movement and Libras evolutionary path is to develop the self through encounters with others and, thereby learning to balance the need for peace with the talent for challenging unjust situations rather than erring on one side or the other.

The Full Moon is always an opposition to the Sun and the Sun is currently in Aries which is Warrior energy. Direct, energizing and pioneering. In the shadow it can be aggressive, volatile and reactionary. Now Libra full moon is ALWAYS opposite the Aries sun but what makes this Full Moon so powerful is that Mars, the ruling planet of Aries, is also in opposition. Mars is the God of war and adds to the yang energy of Aries. Additionally Uranus, unpredicatibily, revolution and uniqueness and Venus, the ruling planet of Libra, are also in opposition.

How UNBELIEVABLY perfect timing for the Supreme Court of The USA to be hearing proposals to to overturn Proposition 8 and DOMA. This is a time for leaving behind old paradigms of partnerships and I cannot say enough about the revolutionary (Uranus) quality of the energy. Or the fact that Mars and Venus, the male and female planets are both heavily tied into this. Or that it’s a time for balancing. The warrior energy indicates a fight for justice and for equality. This is a huge opportunity for the Supreme Court to make this change and for a huge step forward in human rights. Of course, as an opposition, this will not be without a huge amount of opposition from those that oppose any change. Very powerful.

On a personal level if you are spiritually aware and letting go of old structures in your life then you can use the energy to step into your new unique self. A time of inner revolution that mirrors the outer revolution.

This is a real time of opening up to being more open, free and whole than ever before. A time of real balance and, yes, equality.