36437243_sIn a Mentoring Circle I am a member of I was invited to make a Community SoulCollage© to help me to identify MY inner wild woman. My Lilith. She has been wanting to be heard more and more. I was also asked who I admire so I could begin to articulate what being a wild woman is for me. I’m not big into hero worship so couldn’t immediately name a person. But then I thought about it - a lot. Admire doesn’t have to mean love every part of them.

Lilith in your chart represents your inner wild woman and in MY chart she is right next to (conjunct) my natal Gemini Moon. In the sign of the voice, the writer, the teacher. And in the house system I use most commonly, Porphry, she is in the Fifth house of children, the inner child, joy, drama and creativity.  You will see why this is important as you read on.

For the purposes of this I am using Black Moon Lilith, the most commonly used Lilith in Astrology. Though I am exploring the other Liliths. Right now though it is Black Moon Lilith that is speaking to me.

Lilith, in Hebrew tradition, was the first wife of Adam, who left Eden because she refused to lie under Adam. There is a lot more to the myth, of course, and you can read more about her in various places but I give you one example from ‘Where Does the Legend of Lilith Come From?’. And to I give you this quote from Living Lilith by M.Kelly Hunter. Lilith spoke to her through ‘active imagination’ and said:

I’m so ugly. They hate me. They cut me out of their lives because I am whole, because I will not take a back seat, second place. I believe in wholeness and sharing. I undercut you when you are not being whole, when you cut yourself off, where you seek blood. I give - on my terms, elemental, the one woman before man. Am I the Creator - or the first emerged feminine? There is no difference. I am of that original Heaven. I would not leave it.

Lilith is a part of the self that we have hidden. Because she is too much for others. Or at least we feel that way. She’s angry. She’s sexual. She’s passionate. But I believe she manifests differently in each of us.

As we move towards the Age of Aquarius, a time of androgeny and equality. Where the difference between male and female will be less. Where the Goddess and God will both have equal standing. Lilith, and other Goddess archetypes, are coming to the fore in astrology. And Lilith is calling me. So I am bringing out my Inner Wild Woman.

Or was she always there?

As I thought about who I admire, I started with a person who I follow already but who was brought to my attention again by my mentor, Michele Grace Lessirard. She is at number 1. Then the list started to flow. I am going to save you the pain of my complete list. Just some highlights.

  1. Amanda Palmer
  2. Jane Goodall
  3. Maya Angelou (who I speak to when journeying - she calls me baby girl)
  4. Susan Sarandon
  5. Amy Poehler (and Smart Girls)
  6. Brene Brown
  7. Elizabeth Gilbert
  8. Patti Smith
  9. Charlotte Perkins Gilman
  10. Sylvia Plath

I could go on and on and on. But I give you these as I explore what being a wild woman means for me.

I look for common elements within these women. And by the way, I have a few men in my list too (Russell Brand and John Lydon are amongst them - very mouthy, opinionated men).
They are all passionate. They all teach. They are creative. They are activists for the most part. They don’t like to be told how to do things. They go their own way. They are not afraid to speak about the taboo, the things that are hard to look at. They are not afraid to say fuck you. Their main focus is not their appearance. And they are all smart.

And I am all that and more.

When I allow her to be seen.

And seeing what I admire in them helps me to see my inner wild woman.

Those of you that know me know I share things I am passionate about all the time on Facebook. I can be feisty. I can be touchy. I have strong opinions!

For much of my life I thought that was wrong.

My lesson to learn.

To allow my Lilith, my wild woman, to be shown.

Lilth in Gemini are often misunderstood, wired differently and must connect to their intuition to channel their message to calm the scattered energy of this placement. Prone to impetuous verbal outbursts, they invite responses like I used to get from my family of birth: ‘Engage brain before opening mouth’. They are adaptable and don’t like to be pinned down. Their mind is like quicksilver.

Lilith in the fifth house is creative and ‘seeks the stage upon which she can best play her greatest role in the soul consciousness of humanity’ and ‘the driving force is to raise self expression to the spiritual level, in pure, shadowless light - a transcendant experience’ (Living Lilith).

And Lilith is conjunct (right next to) my Gemini Moon. The Moon is the female, the mother. And this placing brings dysfunctional emotional expression and highly intuitive sensing skills.

I see that my Lilith has been there all my life. And she came out at times but always felt she was ‘wrong’ or inappropriate. I was very ‘dramatic’ as a child, but as a teen that word was used as a put down. I used alcohol and other substances to bring her out later. My mentor, Michele Grace Lessirard, nailed it when she said I am a natural channel and must get out there and be on the stage. For me that means the stage in a few ways.

Yes, I am going to be on a literal stage at the Ignite event on June 25-27 - I hope some of you will come to the event. It’s going to be beyond awesome. The link to go straight to tickets is at the bottom of the link if you don’t have the time to do the virtual training right now. And Lilith will be there.

The stage, for me, also means Facebook and other Social Media posts, this blog, my radio show (my next show is on the 21st and is called Black Moon Lilith In Astrology, Your Inner Wild Woman - click on the link to subscribe so you don’t miss it!) and the book(s) I am finally starting to write. It means sharing ME, being vulnerable and exposing my wild woman. Sharing my opinions and the channeled messages I get - in public!

I now see that she has been there for a long time. But is just now really being expressed.

Living your Lilith helps you to be whole. She wants to be expressed. She is waiting to be brought back into the psyche of every person on this earth.

So, who is your inner wild woman? I think those words themselves can be problematic as in that we may think of that as one who dances naked in the woods or is very loud and dramatic. Not that either of those is bad. But your inner wild woman may have quiet power. Or she may be very nurturing. Wouldn’t you like to be living YOUR Lilith?

Peace and Love





I am in the creation stage of a Lilith workshop. This will take place in my home for just ten people. I will give a talk about Lilith in greater depth and then look at Lilith in the charts of each person attending. If there is interest, I will look at making this a virtual option also. Let me know if it’s something you would be interested in!