11862859_sThe astrology I am most drawn to is known as Evolutionary Astrology which teaches that our soul incarnates to evolve and to loosen the grip of the old lessons that our soul has learned. One major thing I look at is the Moons Nodes. Now I am not going to go into the technicalities. I just want to describe what this means for an individual and how the nodes are here to teach us so that our soul can evolve and that we can attain a sense of wholeness in this lifetime.

The South Node energy is something that we are born with. When we look into a New Born babies eyes we see glimpses of it. You see a more angry look or a peaceful, passive happy look. I remember my eldest being described as an old soul. This is the energy of the South Node.

This is the oldest energy in each of us. It represents the past at an unconscious level. It’s energy that we come into this life with through a long lineage, past lives or soul energy, however you choose to describe it. Astrologer Stephen Forrest describes it as “the single most telling placement of a persons evolutionary past”.

The South Node contains well honed abilities, talents and gift. Both positive and negative. Ingrained habits. These tend to be compulsive tendencies and old survival strategies. Contains all the things our soul has learned through it’s evolutionary journey. These are innate and instinctive qualities not qualities that we are aware of until later in life. They are qualities that we have lived so deeply that we are ready to loosen its hold on us.

As an example. I have my South Node in Aries in the Second house. This is extreme ‘do it alone’ energy. It conveys a wildness and an untamed energy. Quick to anger. The type of anger that just pops out. A sense of proving myself to myself and not needing others in my life. A sense of fighting for my own self worth.

This is warrior energy and I find it interesting that my name means Warrior Maiden and at my mid life I worked closely with someone with Warrior energy and as I evolved and started to become aware of these qualities I had to leave that person because of that energy. This means that I was starting to loosen the grip that the South Node has on me and feel the pull of my souls evolutionary intent. warrior energy.

This is perfectly timed as the first half of our lives are usually spent effortlessly reproducing our south node qualities. There are always exceptions of course and they show in individual charts. However, as we move into the second half of life if we are aware and evolving we do start to feel the pull of the North Node though many do live and die being run by their unconscious patterns. However if we follow the evolutionary track and grow and become aware. If we are on a spiritual or psychological track then we begin to become aware and objective about this soul habit. This Can be achieved not only through astrology but astrology does explain it well 

We start to become aware, to accept that this is an instinctual part of the self and loosen the ego identification with it. And then we move really to the opposite. Briefly my North node pull is to allow or even consciously pursue deeply intimate relationships with a few people, in a spiritual and emotional sense. To have deep friendships. Something I have never really had. I have always had many friends and found it easy to move on. This is just my soul habit . Thankfully I am evolving as my soul is intended. Astrology has helped me with this tremendously.

Without knowing where your Nodes are placed what would you guess is your soul habit? What things do you think your soul is here to learn?


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Louise Edington is an International Soul Astrologer who loves to help people evolve and to feel a sense of wholeness and awareness deeply and quickly. Louise offers readings alone (mp3 recordings) or readings with follow up counseling.