18083966_sI posted a meme on my Louise Edington’s Fabulous and Fearless Facebook page this morning that said “It’s a good day to have a good day!” after a conversation on my Your Cosmic Blueprint page about not sleeping much during full moons. This conversation and the meme got me thinking about choices and pivoting. Let me explain 🙂


There was a stark contrast in the reaction of different people to the lack of sleep that a full moon can bring - and last nights Blue Moon in Aquarius was powerful! Some reacted positively - saying that yes they had not had much sleep but had fabulous ideas and dreams and they would take a nap later or catch up the next night. Others reacted very differently with comments such as ‘full moons exhaust me’ and ‘if I try to nap during a full moon I have anxiety attacks’. Do you get the idea?


There is no doubt that Full moon energy can be very powerful and the nights very light. This often does lead to a couple of sleepless nights. However, the astrology that I practice maintains that we always have free will and choices and therefore, you can CHOOSE to look at the positives in this energy. Lying awake in the middle of the night I had some fabulous flashes of inspiration and I like to lie there visioning the fullness of the moon filling me up with wonderful lunar energy to move forward into the cycle. When I do this I get up tired but energized spiritually and ready to take action on the inspiration I received.


I could choose to be grumpy and tell myself (and the world) that I’m exhausted but then that becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. Full moons exhaust me therefore I feel exhausted.


We have these choices in every little aspect of our lives so I would like you all to try a pivoting exercise. For the rest of today (or tomorrow if you read this late in your day) take a piece of blank paper or a blank page in your journal and draw a line down the middle. Each time you have a negative thought or say something negative - a limiting belief - write it on the left side. Then take the time to pivot that thought and rewrite a positive sentence on the right.


For example:


  • “Full moons exhaust me” might become “I may have sleepless nights during full moons but I soak up the fabulous energy and have amazing insights”
  • and “I find change really hard” might become “Change can be a challenge but without change there is often no growth so I choose to find change exciting”


I am not asking you to become Pollyanna overnight but to start to become AWARE of where your language and thoughts are holding you back or stuck in a spiral of negativity.


I would also like you to take note of where you think or say the word ‘but’ when others try to give you ways to deal with things that you might be finding difficult. That one word keeps you stuck as much as all the other limiting statements.


The past week or so, astrologically, has been all about releasing that which no longer serves and moving towards a life that that we really want to live. I invite you, therefore, to release your limiting beliefs, to pivot your negative thoughts and statements, let go of the ‘buts’ and to CHOOSE to have good days every day.


Will you?