19174708_sJoseph Campbell said that “If you follow your bliss, doors will open for you that wouldn’t have opened for anyone else.” But how many of us lose sight of our bliss? We get all tied up with societal expectations. We have to get a job, earn money to buy a house. Yadda, yadda, yadda. It’s all so SERIOUS.


But shouldn’t life be fun? I’m not saying we don’t need to earn money, of course we do. But for many of us what we love to do, our bliss, is put down by others as not a ‘real job’ and we lose sight of our bliss. Of course for some the structure of a job and career is exactly what suits them but not all of us.


For over twenty years I thought of astrology as a hobby. As a child I said I wanted to write books. I have always loved to travel. I have always been a great listener and often ended up in the bathrooms at clubs comforting some poor girl who was having a breakdown over something or other. People have always said I inspired them. So how come I spent my life saying ‘I have never known what I want to be’. How come I worked a series of uninspiring jobs? Until now.


My answer is that it’s part of my souls evolutionary path. I do have a big BUT though. And that is but what if I had really understood my own chart. I spent so much time looking at other peoples charts more than my own. All my bliss is in my natal chart. I have so much 8th house/Pluto/Scorpio in my chart that shows that I am a natural therapist, a healer, a witch even. My moon placing shows that I love the mental joy of creativity and Mercury in my 11th house shows that I want to tell the world. Therefore I am a writer and teacher. I have four planets in Sagittarius and am born to travel and live in different places. I also have three personal planets in the 11th house which means that I am meant to create communities. And by the way I have one of the funnest groups on Facebook. You should join us – click here! I also have an unusually large number of mutable planets which means I love change and variety.


I regret nothing in my life, however. It has all brought me to this place. My Social Media work led me to understand that what I most love about it is my ability to create communities and inspire others. My series of jobs all taught me different lessons. Nothing was a waste. But wouldn’t it be cool if I had understood these things about myself earlier? If I had never thought there was something wrong with me for never being able to settle to one thing?


Now I accept that ALL these things are my bliss. And I now choose to follow that bliss. I realize that I am in a privileged position in that my husbands job supports the life we have built so I have time to explore my bliss. But I truly believe that I am ready to follow my bliss no matter what.


I ask you though. What if you could truly understand yourself at a deep level? Wouldn’t it be cooler than words if you could truly know what your bliss is and follow that? A deep soul reading can help you to find your bliss and open the doors that are meant for YOU.


I am a soul astrologer, community builder, writer and lover of life. Join my Fabulous and Fearless Community on Facebook, like my Fabulous and Fearless page and contact me at louise@louiseedington.com if you would like to book a soul reading with me. I love you <3