Copyright: <a href=''>bowie15 / 123RF Stock Photo</a>Well there you have it. The New Moon this morning at 0 deg Sagittarius was conjunct my Mercury exactly and I get the urge to blog for the first time in a long time. Mercury being the planet of communication and teaching. And in Sagittarius which makes it all about truth! And in my eleventh house of groups and causes.

I expect this urge to grow even more as Saturn enters my eleventh house also on November 30 and then again when the Lord of Karma leaves Scorpio, where he has been teaching us many many inner lessons since October 2012, and enters Sagittarius on December 23. Also conjoining my Mercury!

So what, am I drawn to write? Well it’s not exactly astrology per se. It’s about my work as an astrologer.

It’s those quick questions.

The ones that say ‘can you explain what so and so in my chart means’ or ‘I am having a hard time, can you take a quick look’ (they are the hardest!)

They come by private message on Facebook and Twitter mainly. Occasionally by email. And even by Google Hangout messages.

After all this time working online I still feel a constriction in my throat when these messages arrive. The old fears of saying no. I have a nice reply prepared now and do use it. But I STILL feel bad as I hit send. Will they hate me? Will they never come back for a reading?

All false fears of course.

But here’s why I choose to answer none of these questions.

  • If I answer one person I feel I have to answer other people
  • If you ask me in public on my Facebook page or Twitter I am likely to answer a quick question as I, at least, get to display my expertise
  • I have put a lot of time and money into training to do my work well. If you invest in college would you expect to work for free?
  • I already give a LOT of free tips and advice on Social Media and maybe now on my blog again now the urge to write is reappearing.
  • I also really don’t have the time. I am a wife, Mum to two teens and two dogs, I have a house to upkeep and I like some me time. As well as running my business.
  • I have business expenses also. This website to maintain, a scheduler to pay for, workshops to pay for and more.
  • I am, mostly, over the view that many in healing type professions have that gifts should be given away for free

So, please, think about this before you go to ask that quick question in private.

Of me or any professional.

And to the person that asked this morning. This is not aimed at you but I am very grateful for triggering this blog post.

How do you feel about this? If you are a professional do you answer private questions? And as a reader/potential client do you feel it’s right to refuse to answer quick ‘reading’ type questions?