How to change your life without making a mess!

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Times appear to be in constant chaos and it feels like everything is changing every minute. It can be overwhelming. YOU know that you have to adapt and be ready for these changes. Instead of dealing with constant change wouldn’t you rather calmly pick what you want to change or adapt to in your life?

Do you have:

  • Are you finding it tough to decide which way to turn?
  • Fear of failure?
  • Are you afraid to move forward?
  • The anxiety of worrying you are making the wrong decision?
  • Fear of forever being lost trying one thing after another because you thought it was the right thing to do?
  • Can you only see where you are and not where you are going?
  • Are you shifting from conformity to freedom to live the life of your dreams?

If the answer is YES, this training is for you.

The training will help you to:

  • Make decisions
  • Raise awareness of where and how you can change
  • Gain confidence in yourself
  • Take action
  • To create change intentionally and without any drama or mess
  • Find out what is stopping you from harnessing the energies of Transformation
  • Find out how to navigate these times without creating a mess in your life

You CAN change your life without making a mess. Order this 5 step program now!




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Louise Edington is a Transformational Change Agent, Coach and Healer, Teacher and Writer. She helps you navigate major times of change and personal transformation with deep empathy, English wit and a battery of skills earned through many years of study and practice. Her passion is giving you clarity around who you are deep inside, helping you to overcome the blocks that are stopping you from reaching for your unique potential and a life filled with joy and a feeling of freedom!







Wow, so spot-on, phenomenally accurate! The reading took my breath away (in a good way) how could she know all this stuff about me? And it wasn’t like I’ve never had a natal chart interpretation done before: I’ve had several astrological readings done over the years with actual astrologers and have also done some of those online astrological readings. Those other readings were forgettable, mostly wildly inaccurate and not in the least helpful, merely annoying and they tested my belief that there was really something significant to the position of the planets when we are born.
So not so with Louise E’s reading! She covered a wide variety of areas in my life and EVERY SINGLE THING SHE SAID was correct! She batted 100%. And not only that, although she used total honesty, the reading with delivered with tact and diplomacy. In other words, she didn’t make me feel bad about my flaws, and all of us have some flaws. She just made me think about them—a huge and healing difference.
I feel that I will be able to utilize the wise things Louise told me about myself in my life ahead of me. She was clear, she was helpful, and in my opinion, much much better than time spent at a therapist’s office. She has keen intuition at ferreting out all the tangled aspects and lines and making coherent sense out of them for you. She will make your life and YOU make sense to you, which is no small gift.
I would recommend her very highly to anyone wanting to know more about themselves, or about a loved one. I can’t express my gratitude nearly enough, I am SO thankful for Louise and her uncanny reading of my chart. And I’ll be listening to that reading periodically for renewed inspiration in my life.
Jeanine Buck