Until recently I didn’t know Hekate exists as a Goddess or an Asteroid. The suddenly she is everywhere. I feel she is screaming to be heard and that I am one of the vessels to bring her forth into your consciousness. I feel that she is speaking through me and others and that now is her time.


I shall be talking more about this on my Radio Show tomorrow at 3pm EST, Cosmic Connections Radio w/ Louise Edington: The Age Of The Crone, but I am writing a series of articles to talk about Hekate and how she came into my life. And what I believe that means for you astrologically. Some of those articles will be on the Motherhouse of the Goddess website as guest articles but I shall let you know when and where 🙂 But let’s begin with the basics.


I was asked by the lovely ladies at the Motherhouse of The Goddess to join them for an interview and to lead the Goddess Full Moon Meditation for the Full Moon Eclipse in Libra on April 14th 2014 (the Eclipse on the 15th) and therefore I had to choose a Goddess to base the meditation around. You can listen to the archived show at Goddess Moon Meditation With Louise Edington and the Goddess Hekate 


The Full Moon Eclipse was in Libra at 25 degrees so I sat down to think about which Goddess to use. I started to think of Goddesses that are associated with Libra. Aphrodite? Didn’t feel right. Goddess Venus? Still didn’t feel right. On this Eclipse we started the most impactful two weeks ever seen in Astrology beginning with the Lunar Eclipse in Libra, with the Cardinal Grand Cross peaking a week later and ending (not really but the most intense part over) with the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus on April 29th. For me as an Astrologer this meditation had to be powerful enough to take the listeners through this challenging time.


And that’s when the synchronicities started.


I began to think of themes astrologically. The Grand Cross as a crossroads, the shifts into a more balanced time including acceptance of the wisdom of the Age of the Crone in the Age of Aquarius into which we are shifting. And I started to google, as I do everything.

And the name Hekate appeared and I started to read. I shall go into more detail about the depths of Hekate in future articles but first I want to list the synchronicities.


  • Kimberley Moore, one of the Motherhouse of the Goddess ladies, has been a Hekate Priestess for many years. I had no idea about that.
  • Hekate represents the dark of the night (New Moon) but is also the torch bearer shining a light on your way (Full Moon).
  • The Asteroid Hekate (which I had never studied before as I generally don’t use asteroids in my readings) was EXACTLY conjunct the Full Moon Eclipse on April 15th.
  • Asteroid Hekate was at approx 14 degrees of Aquarius in her discovery chart and the Grand Cross/Eclipse portal is one of a few huge shifts into the astrological age of Aquarius.
  • In the Asteroid Hekate discovery chart Jupiter was at 13 degrees of Aries and Uranus was at 13 degrees of Cancer.
  • In the chart for the Grand Cross, the big collective Crossroads, Jupiter was at 13 degrees of Cancer and Uranus was at 13 degrees of Aries - exactly reversed from the Hekate discovery chart.

Wow, just wow. Too many synchronicities. And more have turned up since as blog posts about Hekate, both Goddess and Asteroid, seem to fall into my sight. And I have absolutely no doubt there will be more.

Hekate in my chart is at 16 degrees of Scorpio in my tenth house conjunct my Venus/Neptune/Midheaven conjunction in Scorpio and squaring my own Eighth house (natural house of Scorpio) Uranus. I also have Scorpios ruling planet Pluto in my Eighth house, the house of the deep psyche, deeply bonded relationships and karmic and soul material. I already knew I was destined to work with this kind of material and to use my astrology (Uranus) and my intuition (Venus/Neptune/Midheaven in Scorpio) alongside it. However, this discovery has given me even greater focus.

Hekate “is the place we go to in our astrological charts to find out what we need to do to discern our direction in life. She is the also the place we go to find those parts of ourselves that were lost. When we are in need of using our magical selves to find or answer questions, Hekate as goddess of magic is there.” From The Llewellyn Journal

I now know I am to weave Hekate into my work and to focus on women coming to terms with the transition into the age of The Crone. I have found my place.


Would you like to know yours?

I am offering a special email reading for those that are interested detailing where Hekate is in your chart, what that means and any significant aspects to the Asteroid. I hope it will give you the direction it has given me 🙂 Just $25 for the full report.

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