24538333_sI love to help people. I am one of those people who others always come to for help. People tell me their deepest, darkest thoughts and feelings and I get them. I understand them and know how to listen deeply and to give compassionate mentoring without telling people what to do.


I even have a Psychotherapist friend who comes to me for mentoring, advice and to offload.


The questions of boundaries can get difficult because I work deeply with my clients. When I work with their charts I see into their soul (all completely confidential of course!) and I get to know them intimately. I am, therefore, seen as a close confidante and friend. But this is my business.


My work as an Intuitive Astrological Mentor means that I am increasingly finding that my empathic skills and need to help people lead to boundary crossing and burn out in my business and two very clear instances today prompted me to write this post. One a blog post on burn out by my mentor Leonie Dawson (you can read it here) and a few ‘quick questions’ from people I had worked with in the past.


I’m sure many of you that are in similar professions will relate. And I KNOW that people don’t mean to cross boundaries. The fault is entirely mine. Because I want to help people and I want them to feel better! The fault is mine because my boundaries are not clear and I find it hard to say no. BUT, I get burned out if I don’t have boundaries.


So here is what information I do give away free and what my boundaries are. I would love to hear about yours in the comments!


  1. I give a lot of free astrological energy advice in my weekly video and newsletter - if you don’t get it already then you can subscribe using the box on the right.
  2. I also give a lot of astrological energy advice and mentoring on both my Facebook pages. Your Cosmic Blueprint and Louise Edington’s Fabulous and Fearless. If you like my advice your questions will almost always be answered in the updates and I almost always reply to comments and quick immediate questions on both pages.
  3. I occasionally, as the spirit moves me, do free one card readings or astrological advice in a thread. If time permits.
  4. I also occasionally do a little pro bono or pay what you can mentoring. Again if spirit calls me to do so.
  5. I cannot give specific far reaching astrological advice or advice specific to one persons chart for free. That’s what my paid sessions are for.
  6. Just one quick question may be quick for you but usually means I have to look at my astrological ephemeris, tune into you and well really it becomes a reading. Also, think about it, I have a big following. That’s a lot of ‘quick questions’. And, yes, I know some that read this will worry it’s them. Well, maybe. This isn’t aimed at one person. I know the line between friend and client can be blurred at times. How about I just don’t answer from now on if your question crosses a boundary?
  7. If I see that you are in need and do a ‘pay what you can’ or free session it doesn’t mean I will always do pay what you can or free sessions for you. This is how I make my living.
  8.  A REALLY affordable way to get more of me is to join my Be In Tune With The Moon Mentoring Circle. Only $97 to be Grandfathered (or Grandmothered 😉 ) into LIFETIME membership. For more details click here.


What do you give away for free in your work and what are your boundaries. Where do you draw the line in the sand? What do you think the solution is to number 6?


On that note I am feeling quite burnt out today so am taking my mentors advice and am going to meditate!


BE Fabulous and Fearless