LOGO!!!!I was inspired to talk about my approach to astrology. Many see astrology as doom and gloom and that many follow their ‘stars’ like puppets. They believe that if the stars say it’s going to be a bad day then it will be. I prefer to talk about harnessing energies.

This topic first formed in my mind after the reaction to my last blog post Travel and Mercury Retrograde: Who Thought That Was A Good Idea. So many people seemed sorry for me!! Either I’m really not very funny or I painted a bleak picture. So I would like to expand. I looked upon the things that happened on my trip as yes, a manifestion of the retrograde, but also as a sign that I was not working with the energies. I was not reflecting and reviewing certain areas of my life. Non of the incidents were REALLY bad. I just thought they made a good and funny story. I got my message from it all, learned an astrological lesson and made lemonade out of it by writing a funny blog post.

What I believe is that there is a yin and yang to everything. A shine and shadow, a high road and low road. ‘Fortunate’ aspects also have a negative side and ‘challenging’ aspects have a positive. Nothing is wholly good or bad. We are all energy, the universe is sacred geometry and we contain it all. We are universal energy and that sacred geometry flows in and through us. As above, so below, as within, so without.

For example we are in the midst of ‘fortunate’ aspects now and yet many will not tap into those aspects. The watery flowing energy will bring about laziness and people will miss the portal, the opportunity. To harness the good energy you will have to find the drive from somewhere to do, whilst also feeding your soul and feelings. As this is a water Grand Trine take salt baths, meditate next to water. Feed your soul and then go take action.

Similarly in our natal chart, there is shine and shadow to each and every part of our unique cosmic blueprint. We choose which path to take in our lives. Always.

How do you see astrology. Or how have you seen it in the past - because I hope my blog teaches you the true power of astrology. Do you believe there is a yin and yang in EVERYTHING in the cosmos?



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