32749812_sI sometimes feel that I am a little Pollyanna like with Astrology compared to others. My general optimism comes partly from four planets in Sagittarius but I DO have plenty in my chart to dampen that and I DO have my ‘bad’ days. But my belief is that it’s all about how we respond and react to the energies. I have been through enough had aspects in my life to KNOW that things get tough. But I also know that nothing lasts and we get to choose whether to sink into despair or to look at the bleak side.

Pluto brings death and transformation of all kinds and Uranus brings revolution and sudden shocks and change. These two are the slowest of planets and, therefore, some people are lucky enough not to have too many of these transits, especially the conjunctions (where the planet crosses the same point that a planet in your birth chart is at). But, because of the make up of my chart, I have had BOTH planets cross almost every planet and luminary (Sun/Moon) in my chart. So I get it. I have been through almost every hard aspect possible in my 55 years. I lost my Dad and gave birth to my eldest daughter under my Pluto square aspect. I went through the deepest depression of my life as Pluto crossed my Ascendant and my Saturn (they are very close together) but I also went through the time of greatest growth as I faced the lessons Pluto was asking me to. On both occasions!

And the aspects to my own chart in mid 1989 are quite startling. Pluto was crossing my midheaven, Uranus was crossing my ascendant and I was just past my first Saturn Return. That was the year I had a massive awakening. Gave up my drinking and drugging party girl ways and decided to move back to the UK and go to school. And it’s when I started to study astrology - or when Astrology found me. For those that know astrology, Saturn/Neptune/Uranus in Capricorn and Pluto in Scorpio were making a Yod aspect to Sun, Moon, and Jupiter in Gemini which were sitting on my Natal Gemini Moon. Wow. SO much of my chart being hit big time. I transformed myself completely.

But some of it was hard.

My point? I find ‘some’ astrology very negative. I just read one astrologer saying you ‘will’ be betrayed under a hard Pluto aspect. Well I say, not necessarily. You ‘could’ also die under some Pluto aspects. But you could also experience death and rebirth of old patterns. Old thoughts and beliefs. There is no sure prediction. Under a Venus Return you ‘could’ meet a love partner. You could also redcorate or start a creative project. I also believe that if you believe something bad will happen then it’s more likely to.

Do you see what I am saying?

Right now I am experiencing another form of growth and awakening. Uranus in Aries is just starting to create a fire Grand Trine with my natal Uranus in Leo and my natal Sun in Sagittarius. 3rd, 8th and 12th house for those interested - and Jupiter in Leo will be joining the party. How it will exactly play out I have no idea. My belief is that it will be huge expansion and sudden shifts in my teaching and my voice and spirituality. I am feeling some of it. I am having big shifts into my channelling abilities. My work is becoming less and less about the technical of astrology (though I get my hits through charts and it’s not going away). And I am fired up to be more me. To express that deep fire that’s within me. To live that wild woman that, in my first 29 years, needed substances to unleash her. And that, in the next 26 years, has been hidden as I grew up and studied and learned after that amazing Yod of 1989.

I am a late bloomer. It’s in my make up. But it’s all in my souls evolutionary plan. Every little part of it, the good, the painful, was bringing me to this point and beyond. I am paying attention to the messages from the universe that come in very different ways. I am remaining open to what will come. I know there will be some sudden shifts and surprises. But the nature of Uranus is I have NO idea how they will manifest. I am becoming more and more vocal as an activist for my beliefs and also in how I express my voice. I am opening up to being that eccentric crone that my chart suggests I will become.

But I am facing the change and growth with an open heart. And if there are some not so fun surprises I know I will be okay. And you can be too, if you choose.

Are you aware that you have made it through some very tough times but can look at the growth lessons? Have you ever had an astrologer help you through? This is the aim of all my work. To help you to tune in on a monthly basis or to go deeper when you are going through bigger transitional times. And I want to help you be your unique self and find your lost wild woman. I like to light your fire!

I also love to hear YOUR stories! Please share them with me below!

Much Love


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