I’ve been sitting with the Lunar Eclipse chart for ages now (and the Solar Eclipse chart but more on that later).

I like to find a central theme that encompasses the whole and it was right there on the wall of my office.

The simple sign that cost me a few bucks at TJ Maxx to honor my 15 year old soul part that I have been reintegrating since a soul retrieval session with my friend and Shamanic teacher, Paula, back in January 2015 when I was going through a real dark night of the soul.

Follow Your Heart.

Sounds so easy right?

But we get so tied up in the mind fucks. The constant voices from your upbringing. The family, the culture, the institutions.

Those voices in your head that say you don’t fit in because those mind fucks don’t feel right. The constant contorting of the self to fit in or to loudly say, ‘I’m different’.

The pain of that 15 year old soul part is back today. Shamanic work keeps working, if you allow it.

That girl that knew how unique she was, as we all are, yet who desperately wanted to belong.

Isn’t that what we all want?

The message of this eclipsing of our emotional body is clear.

It’s time to let go of (south node and Full Moon) or eclipse all those mind fucks from your lineage. All those messages that are not yours. It’s time to let go of the need to set yourself apart, to hold yourself aloof, because of the fear of opening your heart and truly following your heart’s desires.

Jupiter’s aspect to the Sun/Mars conjunction in Leo and the Finger of Fate/Yod aspect coming from Pluto in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces with the Eclipsed Aquarian Moon at the midpoint of that Finger of Fate bring both the opportunity for huge expansion of the heart AND the opportunity to transform and let go of those old patterns.

The Sun/Mars conjunction gives the drive and energy to begin to create your magical hearts desire.

The Solar Eclipse on the 21st will bring the fuel to follow your heart in ways that you have never ever even imagined possible.

How to get there? Drop down into your heart in every moment of every day and ask, ‘what would love do?’.

Love always wins and the wider your heart opens to both give and receive love, the more you will be the change you wish to see in the world.

This takes courage but that very word comes from the French word for heart, coeur.

Have heart, open your heart, lead with your heart and FOLLOW your heart.

To help you through I have created a short guided meditation for you. Click here and enjoy <3




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