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What Would It Be Like To Increase the Creativity in Your Business in 30 Days?

30 Day Creativity Challenge

Discover How Creativity Helps Your Business EXPAND.

In This FREE Challenge, you will:

  1. Expand your inspiration.
  2. Learn to enjoy you time alone.
  3. Create business ideas and more.

Using Tools from the fabulous book, The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, you will spend 30 days expanding your creativity in ways you never imagined. I will be doing live streams and post in a Facebook group to keep you inspired. Hopefully, at the end of the 30 days this will have become a habit that you find hard to stop!

I have all my clients doing these activities. They will not take up too much of your time so choose YOU and decide to commit for just 30 days.

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Beginning July 1st

Your Host: Louise Edington

Louise Edington is a truth guide and light rider leading you to the truth of the real you. An Astrologer for 25 years, Shamanic Practitioner, Coach, Writer and Passionate Activist. Louise works with circles and cycles to help conscious entrepreneurs unleash their wild spirit so that they can be bold, brilliant, daring and stand out from the crowd and change the world.

Dual British/Us Citizen; married for 19 years; Mom to 18 & 15 year old girls, two dogs and a familiar fluffy black cat called Luna; lived on three Continents and five countries and now embracing the weird in Utah.