New Earth Creative Sisterhood

Creating Your Meaningful and Purposeful Life
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Imagine a Sisterhood of powerful creatresses (and maybe a few Creators) guided by a Shamanic midwife whose aim is to guide YOU to birth and create YOUR meaningful and purposeful life and to learn to be your own Shaman or Guru.

Imagine a Sisterhood where creatresses work in COMMUNITY to birth the life of their dreams.


Imagine a Sisterhood that works to create a better world for all, not just the self, but starting with the self.


Imagine a Sisterhood of Spiritual, Personal, Physical AND Professional growth, where all grow together.


Imagine a Sisterhood that not only provides opportunities for spiritual, personal and/or professional growth but that will also provide opportunities to become facilitators for both your own and the founders content!


Imagine a Sisterhood that changes the world, one woman at a time.


Imagine a Sisterhood that seeks to heal from the inside out. Circles to circles.


Do you say I’m a dreamer? Well I’m not the only one. (yes, I love that song…….. I always have songs playing in my head for everything in life)

I’m not the only one because the Sisterhood is real and growing RAPIDLY.

It’s all about Creativity, Play, and Purpose



All Rolled into FUN 


Louise is very knowledgeable in astrology, shamanism, energy work and a good communicator. As a teacher who facilitates groups myself, it is clear to me that she prepares for sessions and has a sincere desire to support people without judgment. She is a creative powerhouse and total inspiration to me in how to make ideas concrete. She is empathic, passionate about all she does and very human. She is genuinely interested in people and their lives.

I experienced a huge step forward in spiritual development while journeying with others - it’s reduced the isolation of my previous experiences.

Louise listens and gives more than I would expect. She’s also vulnerable and real with her feelings. That means a lot. Being able to grow from the teacher and student perspective really eliminates ego. Thank you!

Feeling like I’m not alone was/is the biggest emotion. Lifesaving!

Want to know more? 


What would it be like to be a part of a conscious community where you are:

  • learning to live in complete joy and creativity so that you can create the life you never even dreamed possible?
  • learning to become your own guru/shaman so that you rely on your own inner knowing rather than seeking answers ‘out there’?
  • learning to live in alignment with the rhythms of the Cosmos so that you are in TUNE with the natural flow of life?
  • learning to live in alignment with YOUR Elemental Archetype so that you don’t waste your life trying to BE something you are not?
  • helping to create a New Earth in communion and sisterhood with other kick ass women so that you make a difference in the world?
  • birthing YOUR ideas so that your creation doesn’t feel as if it’s not yours?
  • empowering others to Co-Create with you so that we all RISE?
  • learning how to integrate creativity and play into your purpose so that life is joyful in every single moment?
  • creating magic together and lifting each other up so that the whole word is raised up vibrationally?
  • learning how to use Shamanic tools and activations to get and stay in alignment with your core values so that you have the tools to use every day for the rest of your life?
  • discovering what IS meaningful and purposeful for you so that life no longer feels empty or pointless, ever?

And…….., there’s EVEN more!


As a member of this community you will receive:

  • One group call a month where you will be able to ask more detailed questions about YOUR astrology or any other topic or request healing. This will be on a first come first served basis with a spreadsheet to enter questions ahead of time so that I can answer your question whether you are on live or not. As numbers grow that would become two monthly calls, or more as needed.
  • One group healing per month.
  • Lovestreams and posts in the FB group and the ability to ask me questions of a more general nature to the group page (i.e. Where I don’t have to pull your chart for example).
  • Guest Healers and Presenters


Here’s the BONUS goodness


  • Members get priority pricing AND access to any and all other work with Louise.
  • This applies to all Shamanic trainings, astrology classes, other classes and one on one sessions.
  • There will be opportunities to present YOUR work to the Sisterhood in the future if that is a fit for you and the Sisterhood

How does it get any better than THAT? 



Louise’s work is much more authentic and personal. Other classes seem to focus on the blanket global message, they all seem so similar and impersonal even though the teachings are spiritual. With Louise there is always her genuine wish to connect with each and every person, and help them evolve. This shines through and sets her apart from other spiritual teachers/coaches I have come across online.

I’m beaming from ear to ear as I write this answer! *Widest Smile Ever* I’m full of gratitude, in awe of the amazing journey, feel blessed to have had such a wonderful guide, in the presence of other lovely beings who were also willing to be vulnerable and share our experiences with each other. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. LOVED it all! <3 😀

Louise’s classes resonate with me: the elements, magical, astrology.

I am just SO happy. Knowing where I started to right now, the difference is immense. I was so lost before. I just needed a time to heal, to collect myselves, to take myself apart and heal myself to wholeness, to embrace all that I am as I am. To create a relationship with my higher powers and a way to feel this joyful every day. To know my soul’s purpose. I wish everyone who needed a healing journey, who felt personally lost, could work with Louise.

The Detail

This in an annual membership and you must commit to a year. There is no pay as you go as this Sisterhood is asking for commitment to EVERYONE”s growth so a year minimum is required. 

I’m not, however, going to ask for contracts to be signed, I am trusting the integrity of those that choose in.