Image-1 (14)Last week I wrote the first blog post in a while, it’s called Another Big Leap, if you missed it.  In it I said that I would be sharing my activism alongside other things. None of my activism is to convince politically, though most of you know I just adore Bernie Sanders. I may want to convince you to go more green in your life but I would never tell you how to vote. This post, however, is going to be about Bernie Sanders and why I think he is the candidate for the beginning of the Aquarian age. I hope you will find it interesting.

I may look at other candidates charts in the coming days and please note this is not a prediction as such because I find that prediction in astrology is very often wrong. It’s my opinion that he fits for the new paradigm and I explain why, astrologically.

One of the main reasons I feel that Bernie Sanders is destined to be either the President, or to change the face of politics in the USA, is that he is now going through his fourth Nodal return. His North Node is at 22 degrees and 43 mins of Virgo and his actual exact Nodal Return was on January 24th and is still in orb (meaning he will still be feeling it). His North Node is right at the top of his chart, if the time is correct, in Virgo, the sign of service. A Nodal return is a date with destiny. It often brings a big change in our lives. It brings a change of direction.

The North Node is for bringing in new things in order to fulfil the purpose of your incarnation. It’s your Karmic potential. The South Node is something to leave behind. I feel Bernie was very comfortable in his peaceful existence but the call to big and public service through the North Node.

If you look at Bernie’s chart, you will see that there is a lot going on at the top of his chart, the most public place.  He has his Midheaven at 8 degrees and 31 mins of Virgo, his Sun is 15 degrees and 36 mins of Virgo, and Neptune is at 26 degrees of Virgo. This means that his mission in life is to be of service to others. And with the nodes squaring Jupiter in the 7th house, I find it unsurprising that he could not fulfil his destiny until he found the right partner. Jane Sanders is very much a part of this. He calls her his chief advisor and I imagine that they talk about politics much of the time.

Now I’m keeping this pretty simple because we have a lot to talk about and my aim is not to turn you off with the astrology. I write for YOU not for other astrologers. But I will say that we have an enormous amount of Virgo/Pisces energy happening right now and through most of this year.

We are coming up to the start of Eclipse season. Eclipses are powerful resets. It’s like a jolt in the force that can bring big changes, especially in the areas affected in a chart.  On March 8th we have a total Solar Eclipse at 18 degrees and 57 minutes of Pisces. This is almost exactly on the midpoint between Bernie’s Virgo sun and his North Node, and conjunct to both. That is reset number one to his destiny. This is in his tenth house of mission, career and public reputation.

Not only is the March 8th Eclipse directly affecting his chart, the September 1st Solar eclipse is at 9 degrees and 23 minutes of Virgo and is sitting right on Bernie Sanders Midheaven at the top of his chart. That’s a couple of months before the general election but Eclipse energy last around six months as it’s so powerful, it doesn’t happen in one day. This is, therefore, reset number 2 at the top and MOST public place of his chart, This enhances the feel that he is fulfilling his mission in life.

We then add a third Eclipse into the mix on September 16th. This time we have a Lunar Eclipse at 24 degrees and 19 mins of Pisces. This Eclipse is conjunct Bernie Sander’s South Node and, therefore, opposing his North Node.  A Lunar eclipse is like a full moon where the Sun and the Moon are opposing each other. This Means the transiting Sun will be sitting exactly on his natal Neptune and in that house of his big mission.

Another factor that makes the expansion in his mission highly likely is the fact that Jupiter is in Virgo and is moving through his tenth house. Jupiter stationed retrograde on January 7th at 23 degrees and 14 mins almost exactly conjunct Bernie’s North Node and Jupiter is traveling all the way back to 13 degrees 15 mins of Virgo where the great expander will station direct on May 9th  conjunct to Bernie’s natal Sun.

Jupiter has been in Bernie’s tenth house since mid September 2015 and has already made one pass of the Sun and North Node. After May 9th, Jupiter will pass the Sun and North Node again and then also Neptune. The great expander will stay in the tenth house until September 28th. At that point Jupiter will move into his 11th house of causes and group/collective work. And in Libra will be ALL about bringing balance and equality. And Jupiter will then also trigger Bernie’s Mercury, planet of communication, in Libra, balance, social justice, shortly before leaving the tenth house expanding his message.

All this Jupiter action means expansion, expansion, expansion. Jupiter is also about personal truth and vision. In Virgo there is a big purification theme. Purifying the corrupt politics in the USA?

On November 8th, election day, the North Node will be transiting at 10 degrees of Virgo, conjunct Bernie Sanders midheaven. This is triggering that date with destiny as it’s on the Sept 1st Solar Eclipse point.

Neptune, traveling through his fourth house may make him tired with his new responsibilities and the campaign and cause some issues around the family and home (doesn’t being President always do that?) but Neptune has passed the cusp of the fourth so it’s impact is less intense.

Chiron in Pisces is transiting back and forth across Bernie Sanders South Node for most of the year and always within orb. For me this indicates that it maybe a catalyst for Bernie’s North Node goals (public service). There’s another element I like about the Chiron aspect also. As we move into the Age of Aquarius we are moving away from the patriarchy. We are moving from the I to the us, the me to the we. And we are undergoing a big spiritual shift and healing. Bernie’s spiritual message is ‘we are all in this together’ - you cannot get any more Aquarian Age than that. Is Bernie here to heal (Chiron) the USA in a spiritual (not religious) way?

There are other markers too. His progressed Sun is at the beginning of his first house shining its light on how people see him and transiting revolutionary, lord of lightning bolts, Uranus is conjunct his Natal Aries Moon. It looks like Bernie could very well continue to shock the establishment and emerge as a leader.

What do you think?