Turning 50, or thereabouts marks a new paradigm, as Chiron returns to its natal position. This is followed the second progressed Lunar return, the Nodal return, the second Saturn return and ends with the fifth Jupiter Return.

This important period , as we enter the realm of “elder” or the Crone, is receiving more and more focus in Astrology as we live longer and longer.

This is entering the age of divine wisdom. Many are starting a whole new life during this period. I know I have done/am doing!

Whether you are far away, approaching or in the middle of this process and understanding of these cycles can help you to enter the last third of your life with grace and ease.

How we respond to the challenges of these cycles sets the scene for the last third of our lives.

  • The Chiron Return​ (around age 51) revisits ancient patterns and deepest unresolved wounds. An opportunity for deep healing.
  • The second Progressed Lunar return ​(age 53/54) is about the transition between our material self and our eternal one.
  • The Nodal return at 55/56 ​it marks the beginning of a new soul cycle. Possibilities of a new life are ascending.
  • The second Saturn Return​at 58 is our entry point into a different phase of life. We ask ourselves, “Who do I need to be now?”
  • The Jupiter Return at age 60​ marks a deepening transition into elderhood that the last decade has prepared us for. Jupiter supplies the optimism, the vision of the future, and the sighting of the new horizon.

If you are ready to:

  • Understand the importance of these cycles
  • Learn how to approach this time of transition with grace and ease
  • Prepare to become a wise elder rather than a grumpy old woman
  • Celebrate the aging process rather than fearing it
  • ENJOY the last third of your life

Then this video training is for YOU.

BEcominga Wise Woman video serieswith Louise

Are You Ready to BEcome a Wise Woman?