The Aspects

Venus in Aries square Pallas Athena Feb 17th 11.46 am

Moon into Capricorn Feb 18th 3.36 am

Sun into Pisces Feb 18th 9.50 pm

Mercury Rx conjunct Black Moon Lilith in Pisces sextile Pallas Athena in Capricorn Feb 19th 10.26 am 

Jupiter in Capricorn trine Neptune in Pisces Feb 20th 8.56 am 

Moon into Aquarius Feb 20th 12.41 pm

Mars in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus Feb 21 2.09 am

Mars in Capricorn square Chiron in Aries Feb 21 6.16 am

Sun in Pisces sextile Uranus in Taurus Feb 22 7.12 am

Moon into Pisces Feb 22nd 11.36 pm

Pisces New Moon Feb 23 8.33 am 

Venus in Aries square Jupiter in Capricorn  Feb 23 9.58 am

All times are Mountain Standard Time - use to convert to your timezone. 

The week ahead has us in the last, waning quarter of the Lunar cycle and the week ends with a magical 4˚ Pisces New Moon on Sunday 23rd. Jen  and I (Lou) talked at length about the New Moon on the latest episode of the Weirdly Magical podcast which you can listen or watch at all available links on my website, Click on the link.

It’s going to be a very weirdly magical week with Mercury now Retrograde in Pisces (not too late to join my free class for the Retrograde) and the waning New Moon also in Pisces. The weirdness will increase when the Sun moves into Pisces tomorrow (Tuesday), early on Wednesday in some time zones.

Pisces is magical, creative, and highly empathic/connected to source but it’s also a Cosmic Soup of emotions and nebulous energy. That we now have Neptune, ruler of Pisces, and Mercury Retrograde there, plus Black Moon Lilith this week and the Sun entering means that this week is very nebulous indeed. But also oh so magical.

Today we begin the week with Venus in Aries square to the Cosmic Owl herself, Pallas Athena that enables us to have piercing vision into our core values around our identity and on Wednesday Mercury Retrograde and wild woman, Black Moon Lilith, combine to make an aspect of opportunity to Pallas Athena which enables us to see deeply into our consciousness to re-visit any areas of shame we need to release as we approach the end of the Lunar cycle.

This energy is enhanced by Jupiter in Capricorn’s sextile aspect to Neptune in Pisces.

We are being asked to really to allow ourselves to take a more diffuse view of the world, and what is often called ‘second attention’ which could be defined as:

“The primary function of the second attention is spiritual through the inner action of witnessing - without assigning labels or meaning to whatever is perceived. As the aperture of perception dilates and opens, we perceive more reality — beyond our ideas of reality or what any given reality might mean. The second attention engages the inner action of seeing, of witnessing the existing conditions of things without assigning labels or meaning.” ~

The aspects from out of bounds Mars in Capricorn to Chiron and Uranus are also asking you to take a rogues approach to change. What I mean by that is to try methods and and to look for possibilities you may not have used before around achieving, or aiming for, your goals. To take a view from the corner of your eye to see something from a new perspective and, most of all to tune into your inner voice/intuition in major ways.

I am suggesting that all those taking my free Mercury Retrograde class (over 200 people!!) do the Morning Pages for the 3 weeks of the class, amongst other things, because it’s a tool that helps you to connect with your inner space. You can find out more about this tool here.

Overall this is a week of inward and spiritual/creative awakenings with messages from source and synchronicities everywhere so try not to dismiss the nudges you get but rather to make a note of them and watch how the messages stack up for you to take action on as we enter the new lunation cycle on the 23rd and approach the turning point, or midpoint, of the Mercury Retrograde on the 25th.

Enjoy and lean into the magic of this energy and don’t try to force things as that’s when things can go wrong with this type of energy. Let yourself follow the white rabbit into magical rabbit holes 🙂

Much Love

Louise <3