It’s been a while since I wrote on here. I was burned out after writing two books in two years. I hope you have been following my posts on Instagram and/or Facebook.

I am also human and 2020 has hit us like an earthquake (we literally had a 5.7 earthquake here in Utah which shook us to our bones), tornado and more.

Astrologers all knew something big was coming this year as a plethora of planets lined up in Capricorn with the biggest focus being on the Saturn/Pluto conjunction of January 12th. Other factors are always involved of course and the Venus/Uranus conjunction in Taurus and the Sun/Neptune conjunction in Pisces both happening on March 8th definitely can be associated with the sudden rapid spread outside of China where it began. Thanks to my friend and mentor, Erin Sullivan, for pointing that out.

There’s also a very good argument for the fact that Pluto in Capricorn is squaring goddess of chaos and discord, Eris, 5 times over the next 18 months and the first exact square was on January 26th.

The other dates are June 14th 2020, Dec 10th 2020, Aug 27 2021 and Oct 8 2021.

As Pluto and Eris move so very slowly and were not discovered until 1930 and 2005 respectively so this square is something we have not consciously experienced before. It’s commonly known in Astrology that a planets influence becomes active in our consciousness after discovery. Here we have the planet of death and rebirth and deeper psychological shadow forces, Pluto, combining with a newly discovered energy, Eris that is being revealed to cause chaos and to also pull down the facade of the vanities and elitism of our classist society.

In that respect, the ‘little people’ are now deemed essential workers, by that I mean those with what are deemed to be lowly jobs, the grocery store workers etc, are now essential to our survival through this time.

I make no apology for the rest of this post being USA centric as I believe, and some authorities are now saying, that the USA is going to be very hard how because we are approaching our Pluto return in 2022, a time of major revolutionary change. That does not mean that the rest of the world will now be affected.

It’s my belief that Eris represents these people who have really been the outcasts and misfits of our society. They are the ones that the focus is turning to during this pandemic. They are the first to lose their jobs as millions find themselves, they have no healthcare when they lose their jobs, they are poorly paid and in part time jobs when they do.

The hashtag #Generalstrike is trending on and off on Twitter and there are wildcat strikes happening by garbage workers, Perdue workers, Amazon workers and more as the rage of the people begins to erupt and people demand to be paid what they are worth.

I think we have a long way to go with this.

There are glimmers of hope, of course. Saturn is now in humanitarian, group, cause and future oriented Aquarius and Mars and Saturn just met at 0˚ Aquarius, the spot where Jupiter and Saturn meet on December 21st 2020. There is, as always, a potential shadow of authoritarianism in the Aquarius and Saturn archetypes with Saturn being the traditional ruler of Aquarius.

I could go on and on but I am going to save future transits for future posts.

We are in an unprecedented period astrologically and collectively.

I see the overall lesson of this being about learning to live as a ‘we’ not ‘me’ and that includes with planet Earth and nature and all that lives on it. I have been preaching and preaching about this for a long time now.

Simplify, slow down, act as if all your actions affect all other living things, because they do.

More to come and so much love to you in this challenging time.

So much love

Louise ❤