Astrology of the Sagittarius Full Moon May 29 2018, 8 10'. Break Free From Alienation

On May 29th we have a Full Moon at 8° 10′ Sagittarius.

A Full Moon is an opposition between the Moon and Sun and the Sun, therefore, will be at 8° 10’ Gemini.

The Moon’s nodes will be at 7° 33′ Aquarius (south node — the past) and Leo (the North) making a tight mystic rectangle configuration with the Full Moon comprising Fire (Sagittarius and Leo) and Air (Gemini and Aquarius).

Fire and air can consume all in its path as air fans the flames. It’s a burning down to clear out ready for the new to arise.

A Full Moon is a completion and release.

The ongoing triggering of the Nodes in Leo and Aquarius that began with the total Eclipse on August 21st last year is bringing another phase of completion.

A fortunate one because the Mystic Rectangle is a beautiful mix of harmonious energies.

The Moon in Sagittarius is about seeing the bigger picture and releasing that which is stopping you shooting your arrows of personal freedom into the future. The opposition to the Gemini Sun will bring in some information to help you to gallop into the that future.

The South Node in Aquarius is a point of release of feelings of disconnection and alienation to help you to open your heart to true connection and joy.

There’s a wildness to this Full Moon that is like a wild horse straining to be free of the ties that bind. Retrograde Saturn is at the mid point of the Moon and South Node at 7° Capricorn and at the point of an uncomfortable Yod/finger of fate from the sextile between the Gemini Sun and the Leo North Node. The Sun rules Leo and, therefore, rules the North Node in this chart. There is pressure on that retrograde Saturn in the sign of the patriarchy. The cold walls of patriarchal structures (civilization representing consent in the Chandra symbol below) and rules are being changed by changing perceptions (Gemini) and heart opening (Leo).

The Chandra symbol for 9 Sagittarius is:

A man with green skin. He is dressed in leaves.

Playful, exuberant, spontaneous, and elusive, you are restless under constraint, with all of civilization representing constraint. Desperate to be free. When not held down, you have spectacular abilities and affinities. But when bound by time, you become abrasive and provoking. Temperamental in extreme ways. Aching for free movement in a vast territory. Drawn to every extreme that exists. The body and soul of one who can never be identified, tamed, narrowed. You are the one who knows how the deep Earth is surging with volatile currents, and these bear all hope and promise if they are followed with open arms. The one who shows everybody what life is like when it lets itself go and contagiously ripples with permission and encouragement for each and all to come out and play and explore the far edges, and even perhaps over those edges into the greater wilderness. Claiming the allegiance of those whose wildness is no passing whim, but the only viable way.

Break free my loves.

There’s an influx of love, wildness and freedom coming after the release of constraints.

Follow your heart, your bliss and joy ❤

Much Love

Louise ❤