When I sink into the chart for the New Moon on June 13th at 1.43 pm MDT (timeanddate.com for local times) all I can see is a plethora of Goddess energy aspecting the New Moon which is at 22 44 Gemini.

The New Moon is opposing Vesta (Goddess of focus and commitment and keeper of the flame) in Sagittarius at 29 which is part of a Fire Grand Trine to Ceres (Goddess of the harvest and grief, loss and forgiveness) in Leo at 24 and Eris (the revealer of artifice) in Aries at almost 24.

This is forming a fire/air kite with the New Moon as the focal point. Cleansing and purifying to begin again.

Eris is opposing Haumea (fertility and birth) at almost 24 Libra which is squaring Black Moon Lilith (your too muchness) at 24. Sedna Goddess of the ocean harvest) is at 26 Taurus and asteroid Hekate, the Goddess of the crossroads is at 6 Leo conjunct the North Node of our future.

Gemini is communication and perception, the sign of the twins, which can see all sides of every story. The New Moon directly opposes Vesta who is conjunct the Galactic Center, the sun of our Sun at the center of the Milky Way. The Galactic Center is said to emit powerful new information and this is being focused by Vesta into our the perceptions of our core (the Sun) and emotional body ( Moon) in Gemini.

At 22˚ 44′, 22 is the Master Builder, two 2’s, the number of the feminine, and is said to be the most powerful of numbers. 44 (44′) carries the vibration of 4 and 8 and is the number of the Master Healer. These numbers are bringing in the duality of healing and building to this New Moon.

That’s a lot going on so what does it all mean?

Old thoughts, beliefs and patterns of living are going to be burned to the ground to be healed and rebuilt. Questions will be asked of and by you. Long held perceptions will be shattered.

Hekate at the North Node asks us to choose a new path and is lighting the way, if you call on her.

All is doubles on the New Moon. Gemini, 22 and 44. Doubles are about bringing opposites together with YOU.

This New Moon is about bringing all into balance and right relationship within each of us after shattering our perceptions.

The Yin and the Yang.

The Chandra symbol for the New Moon is

A tunnel created by trees.
Intervention by your own greater self within the patterns of the personal story. A vision is granted. A way is shown. Yet to follow it will mean many shatterings. A cosmic future realm — uncompromising and magnificent. Vibrant and cocky. The power of the Crown. The truth that takes you by surprise. So much is opening. All you need is to be there and ask. The expanded “I” aimed directly at you and drawing you through.

The Goddess is speaking on this lunation. Reclaiming her part in the mythological stories of creation and humanity.

It is said by some that the patriarchal myths that have held sway for millennia are ‘just how it is’. What if we look beyond that and to even earlier myths? What if neither is actually dominant?

Question everything on this lunation. Nothing is as it has been presented for millennnia. There is ALWAYS a new way to look at things.

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change ~Dyer

Hmm wouldn’t that be something? Seeing and thinking differently and writing new stories. Are you ready?

Much Love

Louise ❤