Astrology of the Full Wolf Moon 1/1/2018 (2nd in some parts of the world) at 11˚ Cancer

Time to howl at the Moon

On New Year’s Day here in the USA’s wonderful West (it will be on the 2nd on the East Coast and beyond), there is a deeply emotional and powerful Full Moon.

And it’s all the 1’s and 11’s.

First day of the first month in a universal 11/2 year at 11˚ and 37’ — and 3+ 7 = 1.

So, that’s a 1/1/11 at 11.1.

And the Full Moon is aspecting Neptune in Pisces at 11˚.

And it’s a Supermoon.

And she is in her own sign, Cancer, adding to the power.

Holy guacamole! What a way to start the calendar year!.

Cancer is a water sign and is nurturing, sensitive, responsive, insecure and moody.

The exact trine to Neptune in Pisces bringing in psychic sensitivity, mysticism imagination, more hypersensitivity and escapism.

A wide trine to Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio adding emotional depth and complexity, obsession, and intensity to the alchemic pot.

Also in the crucible of this Full Moon is the fact that a Full moon IS an opposition and this one is opposite to, not only the Sun in Capricorn, but also Venus, Lilith, Saturn and Pluto. The divine feminine presence of Venus and Lilith sandwiched between the core energy of the Sun, the transformative presence of Pluto and the mastery of Saturn in his own sign.

Mix this all in the alchemical crucible of astrology and this gives us a POWERFUL kite configuration with the focal planet of the Kite being the Sun and it’s close conjunction to Venus and Lilith.

The massive watery, intuitive, feeling, instinctive energy of the Water Grand Trine has it’s outlet in the energy of Capricorn. And the often controlling, fearful energy of Capricorn (at its worst) is, on this Full Moon overpowered by the divine feminine energy making this a part of the rising of the divine feminine.

There might be a tendency to say that the Capricorn energy will try to stifle the overwhelming feelings that this Full Moon will bring. I say, no chance, not with Venus and Lilith in tandem bringing immense and powerful divine feminine energy into the opposition to the Moon.

Add in the huge feminine energy of water, the moon and the number 11, the most intuitive of numbers, the Capricorn energy is giving the focus and strength to say that the divine female is taking the lead and saying that no more will she be shamed for being ‘too emotional’ or ‘too much’ or too anything!

11 is the balance of the masculine 1 and the feminine 2. And of course this is on a 2 day for much of the world. The old myths of the Goddess Isis, the Moon Goddess, also known as daughter of the Moon, Ishtar, Innanna, amongst other names, was seen as an all in one Goddess — whole unto herself, incorporating both feminine and masculine energy as our culture has sought to separate them

This Full Moon brings those energies back together in this very stable and aspirational Kite aspect.

Through this Full Moon we have the potential to integrate the divine feminine and masculine and celebrate the qualities of BOTH by bringing them to center through the gateway of this 11 universal year.

Blessed Full Moon to you ❤

So much Love