There’s a Cardinal Grand Cross in the Cosmos that is going to bring major tensions until the middle of September.

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“A Grand Cardinal Cross deals with power abuses and leadership. It calls upon us to bring balance and justice to those who govern and rule, and to be more humane in our own positions of authority.”

This particular Cardinal Grand Cross includes all the players in the year that will stay in infamy historically. Pandemics, riots, the murder of two people by a young white militia person who was ‘policing’ the protests, the UK hurtling towards a no deal Brexit at the end of the year, the craziest election in living history in the USA, hurricane Laura heading towards the Gulf coast as a Cat 4 and being described as ‘unsurvivable’.

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Add to this (thanks to @Anne Ortelee) a Thor’s Hammer this week and the week of Sept 3, when the Sun moves to 12˚ Virgo where Mercury is this week, that, to quote Anne, smites people and things.

Thor’s Hammer is also known as the fist of God and when the hammer is dropped the shock waves ripple far and wide. It’s a volatile configuration. As this is from Mercury in Virgo, this could indicate news that will shock us to our core. The areas of the chart that are ‘smited’ — or even do the smiting — are 26˚ Aries and Capricorn, two of the degrees also contained in the Cardinal Grand Cross.

If you have anything around those degrees there will be immense pressure. Please, please know that pressure creates diamonds and precious things, so even if this is NOT easy there’s tremendous potential to start projects, take action in areas of your life, impetus to get healthier and more.

Sedna, Goddess of the Ocean harvest — and spiritual destiny through crisis, is stationing to turn retrograde at 28˚ Taurus (earth) on Saturday so is moving mass amounts of water which looks bad for Hurricane Laura.

Of course, 28˚ Taurus is in aspect to the Cardinal Grand Cross also which means that all of this is connected.

The last Decan (20–29˚) of all signs, but especially Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, are affected even more than usual until the middle of September. Mars also stations retrograde in the middle of all this on Sept 9th. Pallas Athena and Jupiter station direct on Sept 5th and Sept 12th also. You can read my Mars retrograde article here.

Expect extremes of weather, more protests, more political craziness, more separation.

HOWEVER, there will also be big opportunities. An unexpected offer or contract may emerge (for example), you may find yourself starting a new project or business or a project around the home. Many will sail through unscathed.

I just want you to understand that your focus must be on what difference you can personally make and that it takes a village to bring global change. It’s better to be forewarned and know that preparing a garden, or selling unneeded ‘stuff’, for example, might be the best thing to do right now as you bring YOUR focus to what’s practical and useful to move through these challenging times.

Things ‘out there’ will seem scary at times and those that ARE affected will need those that aren’t for support, whether spiritual, emotional or physical. The more you care for yourself and your world, the more you are able to bring to others.

I have said it before, buckle up. We are in the ride of a lifetime/s.

Much Love

Louise ❤