Juno occupies a powerful place in the Cosmos right now. Looking at the chart on the left (and ignoring the fast moving Moon for now) she is on her own on the Western Hemisphere (the right side is the Western Hemisphere in the astrology chart) of the chart, with all other planets and asteroids in the Eastern Hemisphere and the Lunar Nodes, currently at 2˚ Capricorn/Cancer forming the line between them all.

This makes a bucket pattern in terms of Astrological configurations with Juno as the handle of the bucket. It’s a pattern I know well as my Gemini Moon is at the handle of a bucket in my own chart.

Let’s take a look at the Juno myth before discussing what this means astrologically.

Juno was one of the oldest Roman deities, the three original Gods, Jupiter, Juno and Minerva. She is associated with Hera in the Greek myths but belief in Juno pre-existed Hera and they are not the same. Juno had various names, Juno Regina (Queen), Juno Sospita (protector of confinement, childbirth), Juno Lucina (Light), Juno Moneta (Moon).

She was said to be both the wife and sister of Jupiter, King of the Gods, and mother of Mars, whose father was not Jupiter but rather a flower — though many stories now say Jupiter. How interesting that the symbol for Juno looks like a flower.

Juno is the protector of and the women her power has been long sidelined and underestimated as have all female deities during the Age of Pisces which roughly relates to the Age of Christianity. As we leave that Astrological Age and move into the Age of Aquarius all these long lost deities are gaining prominence again, slowly.

In Astrology, Juno is thought by many to be associated with Libra, and her symbol looks like a flowering Venus, the planet that rules Libra, symbol. Interestingly, Juno and Venus are said to have had conflict in the pantheon of the Gods.

Demetra George, in her amazing book, Asteroid Goddesses, suggests that Juno fights for women’s rights, battered wives, abused children, minorities and victims of sexual violence. She rules the sacred marriage and all rights contained within including the greater sacred marriage contract between all living things (in my opinion). I would also suggest that she is currently fighting for those doing what has often been seen as ‘women’s work’ under the patriarchal class system we are leaving behind. The nurses, the food workers, service industries etc.

She’s not the only female archetype in the chart currently activated to fight for the oppressed. Eris in Aries has been raging against the system as the plethora of planets in Capricorn square her and she begins and 18 month long square between she and Pluto, the Lord of death and rebirth.

Juno and Eris are heading towards an exact opposition on Sept 2nd of this year, with Mars and Lilith conjunct Eris and Mars about to turn Retrograde in Aries — remember Mars is Juno’s Son, and this opposition will form a powerful Cardinal Grand Cross with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn (with Jupiter fairly close) and Venus and Hygeia (health and hygiene) in Cancer.

These are powerful evolutionary forces in play and Juno will be conjunct Pluto in Capricorn by the time the USA Pluto return begins to reach an exact conjunction in early 2022.

It looks like Juno is bringing to the fore the rights of the ‘people’ as much as Eris, perhaps the two are combining forces.

Her current position in Libra is really bringing into focus how the ‘essential workers’ of the world are the backbone, or handle, of the whole system. She’s also bringing into focus how the lack of social safety nets and support for those workers in the classist, unequal patriarchal systems are going to lead the entire top down system to collapse unless things change and become more egalitarian.

It will be interesting to see what September brings with this line up of powerful initiation energy.

Much love

Louise ❤

p.s — I was going to talk about the discovery chart of Juno but will do a separate article about that.

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