15385115_sI’m pissed, disillusioned and a little sad.

I have thought and thought about writing this but I need to release it and give my thoughts.

A well known Astrologer has twice made statements that I feel to be irresponsible and I feel the need to state how I would handle it.

The first was that during a Pluto transit of the first house you could die. Well I have Pluto transiting my first house. Admittedly it’s there until I am 74 but I love my life and like the thought that I might be around for longer if I’m fit and healthy. But the words stuck.

The second was that Pluto in the eighth house means that a partner will die. I also have Pluto in the eighth house.

Now, I am not afraid of death. It’s a certainty for all of us until some scientist manages to come up with the secret to everlasting life. Which I am not sure I would even want anyway.

It’s also obvious that many of us will have partners that die. Kind of a 50/50 chance that the partner will go first right? Okay mathematicians don’t bite me. There may be a statistic that proves which partner is likely to go first. But you get the picture!

It’s my belief that making that flippant a statement is not the thing to do in a public forum or a personal reading. In a debate amongst astrologers it may be okay to discuss things like this as a possibility.

Because that’s all they are.

Pluto is deeper than that. I really don’t want to go into too much detail but basically Pluto (and the eighth house and Scorpio) are about transformation more than anything else and yes “death” is one of those transformations, but this may be the death of a former self, the death of old attitudes and belief that prevent you from growing and changing, the death of a self-image that no longer fits. In a relationship it can be the death of a relationship or the death AND rebirth of a relationship. A total transformation in how you relate to one another.

This is just to give you an overview in case you know enough about your chart to go running off and freaking out because of wherever your Pluto is.

What I really want to talk about is the responsibility of an Astrologer or someone like me who uses the tool of Astrology to guide clients along their life path (which is a path of evolution and transformation in itself).

I see my role as that of a mentor, a catalyst, a way shower, a maker of magic. I want to open up the beauty of the soul to my clients and show them their evolutionary potential and possibilities. I want to induce acceptance and hope. I want them to know they are not broken. I may talk about evolutionary lessons that this incarnation will bring up. But if they do not evolve they are just perfect anyway. They have many lifetimes to evolve. There is no fear, no shame, no guilt. You are not born broken.

I was born with a sharp tongue, a habit of cutting people to the quick verbally. I often don’t (didn’t - I rarely do it now) even know I’m doing it. The habit is so ingrained. For those that are interested in the detail this is my South Node in Aries in the third house.

But there is nothing ‘wrong’ with me.

When I look at soul habits in a clients chart I suggest ways they can move towards the potential of their chart and evolve. But I do my best not to induce the feeling that there is anything wrong.

I feel the same about inducing fear in a client. To predict a death or, say, a divorce, is just not my style. I would suggest that relationships are going to go through a period of great transformation. And leave it at that. I might also warn someone to be more mindful of their health or to be more careful around sharp objects if appropriate. Because nothing is absolute in a chart. And I prefer to talk about the persons soul anyway.

And I am disappointed that a person I looked to for guidance and mentoring would make this statements quite flippantly.

Am I being judgmental? Maybe.

Or am I separating and learning how I don’t want to be as an astrologer and Life Path Catalyst? That’s maybe closer to the truth.

It’s also why I want to move to more ongoing work with clients rather than one off readings (you can read about my shift here). Because hard as I try words can be misinterpreted or misheard and ongoing work gives the chance to support the clients evolution and Life Path.

What’s your opinion? Do you think it’s irresponsible and even unethical to make such pronouncements? Even if you don’t have the techy knowledge of astrology have you ever been told something by an Astrologer (or a card reader, hand analyst, numerologist etc) that made you fearful or left a bad taste in your mouth? I would love your opinions and stories in a comment below.










Louise Edington is a Life Path Catalyst who helps to guide you to manifest the life of your dreams through a combination of astrology, mentoring and intuition. For different ways to work with Louise please click here.