Copyright: <a href=''>robodread / 123RF Stock Photo</a>I had a coach once who used to talk about powerful conversations.


Deeply authentic sharing with no attachment to outcome

What does that mean?

It means digging deep and sharing the feelings we usually keep hidden. It means owning up to where we have not been fully open. It means not assuming or worrying what the response or reaction will be.

It means delving into the depths of your soul and being vulnerable.

I had one of those conversations this morning.

It’s one of the things that’s going to come up. If you are doing the work. If you are slowing down and going within with the stationing Mercury retrograde. If you are feeling the DESIRE for change that’s coming from the current Grand Trine in Fire. Seeking your truth, wanting more joy in your life, wanting to move deeper into partnership with others. If you are feeling the Full Moon Eclipse approaching.

And if you are paying attention.


And that’s what’s at the depth of the building energies.


They are breaking us wide open. Exposing our hearts and souls.


Where is the ‘I’ in the ‘we’? That’s the BIG question.


It all came up for me this morning. I bared my soul to my husband. We reflected on my place in the we that is our family unit. We powerfully talked about how we see each other. How we can better move forward in PARTNERSHIP.


It feels deeper already.


And this is what I invite you to do.


Reflect on your place in the ‘we’ - whatever that means for you. Scorpio is your most deeply bonded relationships and Libra are your significant others. Where are you hiding? Where are you not digging deep and cutting right to the heart of your ‘I’. Where are you not being vulnerable?

Where do you need to have powerful conversations?

The time is now. It’s time too be completely authentic and vulnerable and deepen those relationships.