Archetypal Visioning Workshop

I created a unique workshop for you.


Any time of year is good to focus on creating a meaningful and purposeful life, but the Aries New Moon has big energy of new starts/beginnings and it’s a perfect time to create your vision.

Why? Aries is the first sign in the astrological wheel and the start of the astrological New Year.


Vision Boards, Letters to Self, Audio life vision………….

I’ve done ’em all!

And they work, to a degree.

But there was always something missing. 


I manifested things sometimes, and sometimes nothing!

I asked myself; “what am I not seeing that could change the face of manifestation?”




  • We are all unique so what works for one may not work for all
  • The process of getting clear around your desires is often missing

ALL this for only $47 on Sunday April 2nd at 1pm MST.


So, I created this unique workshop for you.

  • Using Guided Shamanic Visioning you will ask what you need to know about your deepest desires, what is for your highest good, and what your soul needs most. Guided by this visioning process you will create your vision board, letter to self, audio, to create a vision that has true meaning and purpose for YOU. This is so much deeper than flicking through magazines for images that catch your eye.
  • Using my Elemental Archetype system you will find out which your strongest Archetype is, where to focus your strengths and where you need support. You can then add the needed support to your vision process. For example, if you are lacking in Gnome energy you might want to add grounding images or activities into your vision.
  • And you get to CHOOSE, based on the above, which kind of visioning process works best for you!


Do visual images work best for you?

Then choose a vision board!

I am going to suggest that a digital Board is best rather than spending hours searching through magazines. And I will tell you how best to do that. But the choice is yours. If you love traditional vision boards bring poster board, magazines and glue.



Do you like to read and write?

Then do that! Full guidance given for how to write this so that the law of attraction will work.

I will also teach you how to write the vision so that it’s compact and straight to the point for maximum effect.



Do you like to listen to the spoken word?

Then voice recording your written vision is for you so that you can listen to it daily..




Not sure which is YOUR content type? 

No worries!

There is a way to find out during the workshop!

All you will need is a notepad, pen, your computer, three hours of your time, your WILLINGNESS to go deeply into what you most desire (because many people are nowhere near clear on this), and your focussed attention, as we create the deepest and most meaningful vision of your life that you have ever experienced.

If you are ready to create a vision of your life that creates:

  • Who you desire to BE.
  • How you desire to live.
  • Who you desire to have in your life.
  • Where you desire to live and travel.
  • What possessions you really deeply desire to own.
  • What you want your WHOLE LIFE to look like.

This workshop is for you!

You will then picture this vision as if it is the life you are currently living, as if all that you desire has already happened and learn how to use this tool every single day to create that life of your dreams.

Come find out if you are a Gnome (earth), Sylph (air), Mermaid (water), or Salamander (fire) as your primary and last archetypes. And what does this even mean? 

And now, just choose your day and time. ALL this for only $47 Sunday April 2nd at 1pm MST.