business-764929_640I have been thinking about this post for a while. Quite a long while actually. And then I read ‘My Inner Dilemma’ by Dena Patrick and also this newsletter written by my good friend Lisa Wechtenhiser from Practically Intuitive.

And I realized, it’s time to get things out of my head and onto paper, virtually.

I have always had activist tendencies. As a teen I lived in Northern Ireland during ‘the troubles’ and could see the Catholics point of view against the British Colonists of which I was one (not that I supported any of the violence - just the political views). I would argue their case at the dinner table much to my family’s consternation. Later, as a teen I marched to Hyde Park to protest with the Anti Nazi League.

Until recently I have mainly been an armchair activist  followed by being a Facebook activist. And my physical activism faded away for many years as I lost myself in motherhood and moving around the world with my family. I felt I had to ‘tame it’ as an example to my daughter’s. How wrong could I have been. They love seeing me trying to save the world. 

When we ended up in Utah in 2008, or rather when I was dragged kicking and screaming from Australia to Utah, I found myself taking and then coaching a Social Media Marketing course with my first ever Mentor. This triggered an intense period of personal and spiritual development, which has really not stopped since! All this, incidentally, happened at the time of my Chiron return, one of THE most painful and challenging but rewarding astrological cycles. But I will come back to that another day.

And my activist muscle started to come back.

I started to share about things I do not agree with. As that first mentor said, I went from being a mouse to an amazing Lioness who knows her voice. Funnily enough, this mentor was the first one to criticize me when I posted my objection to living in a State where we have the death penalty. But, again, that’s another story 🙂

But gradually my activism grew. I have Mercury and Mars in the eleventh house in Sagittarius for heaven’s sake. With those placings it’s almost impossible to not fight and speak for causes that I believe in.

My activism continued to develop.

I cannot bear inequality and injustice. I cannot abide racism and I will be writing a post on that very soon as I THOUGHT I was totally not racist and I have come to see that that was not true.

I cannot bear to see Mother Earth, the habitat that sustains us, being changed so much by us that she will no longer be able to support us at some point in the future. Unless we pull together to reverse this change. I cannot abide organized religions that preach hate.

I have helped organize a Love rally here in SLC and most of you probably know but I am very involved in campaigning for Bernie Sanders for the Democratic Nomination for President (not a pitch 🙂 ). I will be explaining in another blog post why I think he’s the candidate for the New Paradigm.

My BIG dream is to create a foundation, through my business, to supply renewable energy to the whole world followed by Tesla cars for all that need a car. Yes, really.

But I always felt a split. I felt that I had to keep my business and my activism separate. 

After all, it’s not polite to speak about religion and politics in company. Or so I was always told.


Aren’t these the kind of things that most people care about?

Don’t we keep our mouths shut for fear of getting into arguments or being disliked?

I would say that was me.

I used to agonize for days if I got into an unpleasant argument on Facebook. No longer. I block and move on once people get offensive.


I AM an activist

I AM opinionated

I AM a fighter

I WANT TO CHANGE THE WORLD and make it a better place for my daughters and their children.

I want to REVERSE climate change

And I like to speak about it. My Lilith is in chatty Gemini and that Wild Spirit (my voice) was always made out to be a bad thing as I grew up. ‘Children should be seen and not heard’, ‘Engage brain before operating mouth’ or even a whack around the head were what I received for being outspoken.

Well no more! I cannot feel split any more. I am an activist entrepreneur and I want to work with others that want to change the world. I want to work with those that want to combine their entrepreneurship with activism of ANY kind. I am, therefore, taking my friend Lisa’s challenge and daring greatly by saying this is ME. I don’t expect you to agree with me on all things but I can no longer stay quiet about things that are meaningful to me. So, I give you fair warning that this blog will be more passionate and more about what’s important to me! After all, I am a Crone/elder now and it’s my right to teach others what I have learned. You can bet your life that I will bring astrology in a lot too! 

I desire to be around change makers, way showers and powerful women (and special men). Even if that is just a little seedling deep inside you, I would like to help you to grow that seedling into a fully grown plant so that your life and business becomes meaningful and useful.

How does that sound?

Tell me in the comments below how that makes you feel. Scary? It’s OKAY to be a little scared. What is calling you in a big way? I would love to hear! Email me at or message me on FB. I love to hear from you all.

The current astrology is supporting this movement. The age of Aquarius is all about the shift to a more egalitarian world. And that will be a whole other blog post.

So why not join me! Follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And become a part of the reLOVEution.

Love, peace and equality

To Your Wild Spirit