I’m so excited I am almost bursting a blood vessel but I am announcing that my book, ‘Modern Astrology, Harness the Stars to Discover Your Soul’s Purpose’ is now available to pre order before publication on November 13th. Check it out on Amazon.


Just in time for Christmas gifts to yourself and your friends.


I have been writing for years and always said I would write books and then the opportunity came my way to write for a publishing company and I took that opportunity and ran with it.


I could not be happier to be launching my first book.


I’m a people’s Astrologer and I write for those that want to understand themselves at a deeper level. I want you to be able to go through the book and get to know the energies within you and to use the exercises contained within for your own personal development and that’s the aim of the book.


Modern Astrology will help you to understand the basics of the energies in your own chart and also teach you how to blend the seemingly disparate energies as well as teaching you how to make the most of the energies or to minimize those that you might choose to release.


The developmental exercises that I recommend throughout the book will help you to embody the energies at a soul level and to address any obstacles you may be having.


Over the coming weeks I will be sharing more information and sneak peeks to whet your appetite but I hope you will consider pre ordering now so that you ensure getting your copy right away after publication!


Here is the link on Amazon once more.


Much Love from a very excited author. (squeel)


Louise <3