12689472_sThis week, and most particularly today and tomorrow, is a pivot week according to astrologer Anne Ortelee. I could go into all the astrology but as my aim is to write for you, not to give an astrology lesson or write for other astrologers I will only mention the highlights and if you want to know all the astrology look at Anne’s post. Instead I will only talk about how this week should affect you and how you will feel.

Firstly, what does a pivot week mean? It means a profound or paradigm shift. This week is a shift from thinking to feeling. A ‘getting out of our head time’ and really moving into a more feminine time. A very watery time of flow and emotion.

The Sun and Jupiter join together today to begin a whole new year of creativity and then they both move into the sign of Cancer. The Sun tomorrow and Jupiter late on the 25th – I am always referencing mountain time. Cancer is THE sign of feeling, of nurturing, of the mother and from the 25th we will have four planets in this sign until Venus moves into Leo on the 28th. The Sun, Mercury (which is going retrograde on the 26th) will be there for quite some time. Too much astrology? I apologize. This just means a real period of moving into our feelings.

I am seeing it already. There was a thread on a friends facebook profile yesterday talking about how their emotions are all over the place. There were many comments agreeing. It’s also very apt that I am starting to create my “Desire Map” – a Danielle LaPorte program – in which I write about how I desire to FEEL rather than setting goals.

Add to this a little more astrology. First the Sun and then Jupiter will be creating aspects with Saturn and Neptune in the other water signs, Scorpio and Pisces. That’s a whole lot of water, emotion, spiritual creativity and a real time to go with the flow. Also remember that emotion is beautiful. It doesn’t have to be misery. The Sun and Jupiter will bring optimism.

Many would have started to feel this shift from Friday so tell us in the comments below how you are FEELING? Are you feeling creative, nurturing, inspired? Tell us if you are feeling the shift and your feeling words.