eye-491625_1280I had an intense dream last night and my mentor asked me to journey back into my dream and ask what I need to know from the dream. I will also say that I have been starting to have clairvoyent things happening to me a LOT lately.

Anyway, here goes:

The dream was of an intense wild fire burning structures, some exploding, and gradually creeping closer and closer. I was high up. I felt no fear as I was a witness. Others were with me and I tried to tell them they should turn around and leave but they wouldn’t. It was noone I knew.

In the journey I went to the underworld after asking my guides and power animals where I needed to go. In the journey into the underworld I walked through the jungle (I often fly through the trees) and came to a big river with a boat. I asked if I was to get in and the answer was ‘yes’. Evelyn, the stork, Ben, the monkey on my shoulder, and Sarah, the visionary/magic raven, (my power animals) and I all got in the boat.

There were no oars - I was told just to float down river

We came to a stop (I have no idea how - magic) at the top of a BIG waterfall. And I witnessed the same landscape of fire burning and exploding structures that was my dream. I sat and watched it for a while and then a voice said ‘time to go into the fire’

I flew/slid down the waterfall and into the area that the fire was burning - it had miraculously gone out.

Patriarchal structures: Churches, big bank buildings, Temples were all destroyed. As I walked, with my two birds flying with me and the monkey on my shoulder, I saw people of all colors, races and genders working together. All building and supporting each other. Putting solar panels on roofs. All very busy with their hands (Virgo is working with hands and we have Jupiter in Virgo right now - it’s also about purifying and purging). Rebuilding, but different buildings. Many ordinary buildings, homes etc, were left untouched by the fire. Everyone seemed really happy.

I met a shadowy person whose name I forgot to ask but I feel it was a Master or teacher. This person - I couldn’t tell if male or female, and it didn’t matter, told me as I asked questions that many on the planet will die and we WILL go through some radical and revolutionary shifts. The climate will be the biggest killer because WE are God and we have got so out of balance. We are destroying our creation. I was told that more and more are going to realize that we are God, as is all that exists. Humanity will survive but will shift more than some of us are already. I, and people like me (i.e. you guys and those like us) are leading the way. Teaching others how to live and BE in balance. Teaching compassion and love. Teaching others that it begins with changing the self and loving the self. The climate will go back to normal after we shift.

I asked about Noah’s Arc and all those kind of stories. I was told they are myths/stories that are warning us of what happens when we get SO out of balance. Those that wrote those stories were more in tune with these things than we have become as a whole.

It’s not about God punishing us - it’s just the collective universal energy bringing us back into balance.

I did ask if the internet and electricity etc will survive - I got a yes. We are not going back to being cave dwellers. We will create a more just, supportive and balanced society. There still will be some that will be richer than others but we won’t see the disparity between rich and poor that we see now.

I also asked if my family line will survive - I got a yes. Asked if this will happen in my lifetime - the person said which life.

The stock market, refugee crisis in Europe and the reprise of the black panthers etc etc are all a part of it. As is all the polarity right now in the world. All are lessons for humanity about BEing out of balance with each other and the Earth. This is all speeding up.

I will give you more messages as I channel them I felt really nervous about ‘coming out’ and sharing this with the world but I felt compelled to do so.

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