Focus, Fun, FreedomI don’t do New Years Resolutions and don’t even really do intentions generally. I did set intentions this year because a New Moon in Capricorn happened to be on New Years Morning and I always set New Moon intentions.


I do, however, quite like the idea of a word for the year. I have a Gemini moon and several other mutable planets in my chart which means I like variety. So one word just isn’t enough. So I have chosen THREE words for the coming year. Yes, yes I am greedy I know.


So here are my words:


This year and beyond I tend to have fun in everything I do. I tend to get a bit serious at times as I have Capricorn rising with Saturn (the ruler of Capricorn) - I think work has to be hard (even though my head knows that’s not the  case. I mean to laugh a lot, skip around the house (not with a rope) and just make things fun. And if something really just isn’t fun I intend to give it up or outsource! Life should be fun not just happy. So fun it is!


Maybe this seems like the opposite of fun? Not for me! For the same reason that I could not choose one word I tend to be VERY easily distracted. That cannot happen this year. I have a lot of things planned that are fun for me. I plan to write and publish my Kindle eBook Series “Your Happiness Toolbox”, grow my business massively (I have launched my first very affordable group program  starting on Jan 6th - maybe - thinking of changing the start date - click here if you would like to see what it’s about), help lots of people and have fun doing it. Therefore, I need to focus. I intend to chunk time and turn off distractions. I will go write where there is no cell and internet reception so that I do focus on that then. Chunking works well for me because when I am constantly distracted and feel like I haven’t done what I want to do I get very sad and THAT’s no fun. See how they tie in?


This has been a word that runs through my life. It’s unsurprising with four personal planets in Sagittarius. I like the freedom to move, to travel, to buy what I want, to help others when I want to. I have a bigger ultimate goal of freedom now and that is to live in a sustainable space, an eco home and to be less reliant on the structures of society. No I am not a prepper lol. I am very eco minded and also love the idea of having fewer bills to have to earn money to pay. Don’t get me wrong, I am very grateful for electricity etc. I would just like to harness the energy of the sun and wind to provide it directly to me. Yes, I am a greenie though I still want to fly which isn’t very green. But at least my carbon footprint will be less.

So there you have it. My three words for 2014

I am drawing them on pretty paper and posting them where I see them often. They feel good and very of and from me 🙂

Do you have a word or words for the year? Or do you set intentions or resolutions? Whatever you do I would love to hear about it in the comments. If you don’t already do anything I challenge you to choose three words for yourself and tell us what they are!




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