Dear Fellow Purpose Seekers,IMG_6395

I know you. I’ve been there.

I could feel something pulling me forward in my life, but it wasn’t coming together in one central purpose. It felt scattered plus I was disenchanted with the hard work (and dollars) I was investing in because it was leading to dead end after dead end.

It felt hard to put all of the pieces I was passionate about together in a business that not only made me money, but fulfilled my sacred calling - the activist within that deeply desired to change the world…starting with MY inner world.

Do you have a secret like I did?

I kept trying to make businesses work, but it was always someone else’s system or way. I wanted my own thing and the huge talent I have with astrology was tucked away, neat and ‘nice’, because I thought I had to have a degree or some kind of certification to share it with people, let alone charge for it.

Then all of that changed. I discovered my power and passion had been there all along. I had been studying astrology for 25 years, but back then I didn’t have faith in myself. I didn’t even know that you could do this kind of work as a money-making business.

This is the path of a purpose seeker - fully expressing your passion and purpose in a way that fulfills your soul and fulfills your financial desires and goals.

What’s your secret hobby or passion? What is that desire that you push away, but it keeps coming back, beckoning to you to come out and BE the change you desire to be? 

I am a Way Shower and a Truth Guide and I guide you to bring that desire out of you and align it in such a way, that you no longer hide the part of you that is ready to be shared with the world.

Together, we guide you to emerge into YOUR element and bring out your natural strengths so you create a business that is wildly aligned with your soul. As an Intuitive Evolutionary Astrologer, Business Activator, Writer and Shamanic Practitioner, I show you the practical steps to business, in addition to helping you heal the blocks that are holding you back, and I show you how to find your natural rhythm that brings out your strengths, passion and purpose so that you can lead a wild and free life!

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